Your Child’s 3rd Birthday Party Checklist

So, your bundle of joy is turning three! Well, the upcoming birthday is sure to get you all excited and you want to have a grand show. You also want your child and the guests to have a whale of a time. Planning a child’s third birthday party can actually be quite a task; but all parents love doing it and give it their heart and soul. Here’s a guide to help you plan the party to perfection and make your three year old feels special.

Before you begin your planning, remember that a three year old is a little adventurer. He or she can imagine things and is beginning to explore the world of words. Interactive play is good for a child at this age for he goes to a play group and is learning to socialize. Kids love goodies, especially party bag favours, so pay close attention to that aspect. Understand your child to make the most of his third birthday party.

The Checklist and Highlights

* Location: Always choose a place that give kids space to play. Home is always a good option as this is your child’s comfort zone. However, a sports or entertainment center can work well too. Often, such places provide a full birthday package which may get expensive. Thus, it’s best to work with a budget.

* Invitations: Do something different. Make your child doodle on sheets of paper using various colors. Fold the sheets into cards, give them an attractive lace or satin border and your unique ‘invites’ are ready.

* The Theme: Three years is the age of a make believe world. Therefore, a fancy dress party will be both, appealing and fun as kids get a chance to dress up as their favourite cartoon characters. How about ‘Bob The Builder’ or maybe a ‘Zoo’ theme?! ‘Tom And Jerry’ or ‘Doll’ themes are ever-popular too.

* Party Decorations: This is the time when kids learn to recognize primary colors. So, use bright balloons. Hang them from everywhere with candy inside. For theme parties, decoration should gel with the theme. Use stockings, ribbons, paper butterflies and other attractive things to spice up the venue. Be innovative and creative.

* Games: Have loads of exciting, age-appropriate activities for kids to channelize their energy.

* Food: Kids eat very less at parties, so opt for light and nourishing finger foods.

* Party Bags and Party Bag Favours

As a gesture of thanks, you give out little souvenirs to the kids who attend the party. Kids look so forward to these party favours that actually contribute to the success of your party in a major way. There is a wonderful selection of party bags and favours available to pick from. You can give single gifts or an assorted ‘goody bag’ full of kid-stuff like colors, stencils, tiny toys, pencils, balls, popcorn boxes and other treats. Make the party favour special and a joy to remember.

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A well planned birthday party is truly satisfying. Plan in advance and gift your little one a real ‘Happy Birthday’!

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